Attention Members:

As recently announced by Local 63, drive up COVID-19 testing is available in the Port of Long Beach.  No pre-registration is required (please bring your TWIC card.).  You are reminded and encouraged to take advantage of this convenient, complimentary test while it’s available in the Port.

The free tests (show your TWIC card) will be available on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m. at 2100 W. Anaheim St., Long Beach, a vacant lot located within the Harbor District at the southwest corner of Anaheim and Ninth streets. 

Click on below link for more information.

In solidarity,

The Local 63 Officers

Attention Members:

The Coast Labor Relations Committee (CLRC) met on July 29, 2020 to discuss the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to the increasing severity of this health crisis, the CLRC is mandating, effective immediately, the wearing of face coverings, indoors and outdoors, when accessing all:

  • PCL&CA covered work sites;
  • Joint Dispatch Halls; and
  • Training sites.

Exceptions to this mandate, including for those seeking ADA accommodation, are covered in meeting minutes, CLRC Meeting No. 43-20. Please click to download and read.

Thank you for your cooperation.

In solidarity,

The Local 63 Officers

Attention Members:

Just a reminder. The ILWU-PMA Joint Labor Relations Committee (JPLRC) requires that all persons in/around the Dispatch Halls and job sites to wear face coverings.

Hall workers may pick up one (1) complimentary face covering at the PMA Training Center. Steady employers will provide their steady employees with a face covering.

Additionally, the ILWU Coast Committee and the Port of Long Beach have made face coverings available for our members. These are available at the Local 63 Records Clerk office.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe workplace while we get through this Coronavirus pandemic.

Attention Members:

PMA has begun scheduling General Safety Training (GST) classes and notifying members by mail.

The GST classes will be held classroom style at the PMA Training Center in Wilmington. Pursuant to COVID-19 guidelines, attendees must wear a mask/face covering and safe distancing protocols will be followed.

Please note that PMA has taken the position that members who fail to attend their scheduled GST class on three (3) occasions will be subject to non-dispatch until GST is completed.

Please contact your Local 63 Business Agent about any COVID-19 classroom protocol concerns.

Attention Members:

Pursuant to CLRC Meeting No. 29-20, item 8, registered Marine Clerks may apply for up to 2 weeks of advance vacation pay against his/her 2021 vacation pay. Please read below excerpt from CLRC Meeting No. 29-20 and below-attached Questions and Answers document (please read thoroughly).

CLRC Meeting No. 29-20, item 8

(8) Advancing Vacation Time for Paid Sick Time
Workers who received at least two weeks of pay for Vacation/Paid Time Off in 2020 may, but are not required to, advance in payroll year 2020 the amount that they received, up toa two-week maximum, to be used as paid sick time. For example, if the worker in February 2020 was paid out at least two weeks of vacation/paid time off time, then that worker can advance or borrow during 2020 up to two weeks of time for paid sick time, and that amount will be taken out of the Vacation Paid Time Off check they otherwise would have received in February 2021. Further, if the worker in February 2020 was paid out only one week of vacation/paid time off time, then that worker can advance or borrow during 2020 up to one week of time for paid sick time. If a worker advances vacation/paid time off for sick leave this year, this will not serve as an offset against a paid sick leave benefit under this Proposal.

Questions and Answers Regarding Advancing Vacation Time for Paid Sick LeavePlease read thoroughly.


Should a member wish to apply for advance vacation pay, please print out the below-attached “2020 ILWU/PMA COVID-19 VACATION ADVANCE REQUEST” form, fill it out, sign it, date it, and then e-mail it to the Local 63 Business Office at

These forms may also be found on the Local 63 website under “Resources” and “Forms” under “COVID-19.”

Attention Members:

Please click to download and review the Joint Coast LRC agreement (CLRC Meeting No. 29-20) in light of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). We have also attached the Joint Coast LRC Q&A regarding how to file for COVID-19 related paid leave.

Please note the PMA web portal address,, in order to apply for paid sick and family and medical leave benefits. Go live date is currently scheduled for June 19, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Click to download flyer showing a screenshot of the PMA Payroll Self Service page after the go live date. This flyer will be included with your June 19 paycheck.

Please also note the yellow-highlighted PMA contact numbers for any questions regarding applying for this paid leave.

Please be sure to read both documents in their entirety.