OPT-IN DEADLINE TO RECEIVE LOCAL 63 TEXT MESSAGES – Local 63 has been notified that due to provisions of the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), effective March 1, 2024, only Local 63 members who have opted-in will be able to receive group text messages from Local 63. Members can “opt-in” to continue receiving important text messages from Local 63 by going to notify.workingsystems.com

At this site, you will follow these simple steps:

(1) Enter your cell phone number and click “submit,” you will then receive a security code (“OTP” code) by text message;

(2) Enter the code that you received via text message and click “submit.”

(3) Click the “Opt-in” button and you will see “Current Status – SMS: Opted-In.”  At this point, you are opted-in to receive Local 63 text messages.