The Joint Foremen’s Labor Relations Committee (JFLRC) will be accepting applications for foremen registration. Online Application Forms will be made available at using the directions outlined in the Foreman Application Flyer commencing on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. If you wish to apply, you must complete the Online Application Form and submit it online at the website by Wednesday, June 30, 2021. All applications must be submitted electronically at the website provided. 

Only longshore workers and clerks who:

            (1) are currently registered as Class A workers in Local 13 or 63, and

(2) have 10 years Class A registration in Locals 13, 63, 46 and/or 29 as of June 30, 2021 , with

(3) the minimum Qualifying Hours (described in Exhibit A), are eligible to apply to become a foreman in the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach. 

For additional requirements and information, please click to read all of the Foremen Application process documents below: